Website Creation Services

Your website is your place of business online. It’s your personal space where your business can shine.

We offer WordPress website creation services, specializing in small service-based businesses. Like our business.

Why WordPress?

It’s modern website software with unlimited potential, and unlimited customization options. It’s well established and is often referred to as the standard way to build current websites.

Why small service-based businesses?

We love small to medium businesses. They often struggle to be seen and heard in the crowded online world, and their website is the one place where they can truly speak and be heard.

Service-based businesses tend to require less complicated websites. Most have only 4-5 pages (home, about, services, blog, etc). As such, we’re able to offer website creation at a price most businesses can afford, while still providing a sleek and professional website which reflects the business voice.

Our Techy Bits

We have over 20 years experience making and changing websites, all the way back to the Geocities age (remember them?). WordPress has been our website platform of choice for over 5 years.

In order to best serve our smaller clients, we start with a theme that will deliver the experience you want, and customize it to make it all your own. We like to use Elementor as our theme base so that you can get just the look you want, and if you want to make changes on your own later own, you can.

All our website creations come with an orientation call where we walk you through the backend and point out anything you need to know for the future. We always assume you will want full control of your website, and while we’re always happy to help with maintenance and future changes, we never want to limit your ability to do anything.

Our pricing for most 4-5 page websites is $450 (not including hosting or theme/plugin purchases). If you’d like to see a few sites we’ve created, we’d be happy to show you privately during a discovery meeting.