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Videos are popular on every platform. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work needed to produce a great video. This is where a video editor can help.

Whether you want to produce trendy square videos with built-in subtitles, horizontal videos for YouTube, or vertical videos for Instagram or Facebook, we can help transform your raw footage to a publish-worthy video.

Basic video editing includes:

  • editing raw video to remove umms, uhhs, and other vocal pauses
  • adding intro, outros, commercials, music
  • changing size and shape to fit your intended platform

Moving beyond the basics, there are many additional items you can do to enhance your video.

Additional items you could add include:

  • subtitles
  • social media graphics

Basic video editing starts at $50/hr, the time required varies based on the complexity of your videos, and whether we develop and use a template for multiple videos. Contact us if you’d like a custom quote for your video needs.