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It’s that time of year… when everyone is predicting the top trends for next year. And since Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, it makes sense that there are a ton of “Top IG Trends” posts popping up.

Topping most people’s lists for 2019 is video. Video is king. It was one of the top trends for 2018, and it’s not going anywhere. So keep doing videos!

So what’s the trend that I hope to see not only top everyone’s lists, but that also comes true?


Let’s get engaging and commenting on each other’s posts. Let’s bring the social back to social media.

When you post, ask questions. Write captions that encourage people to comment in a meaningful way. And then reply back. And go a step further and engage on their posts in return.

Make engagement a priority and you’ll find your accounts grow organically, and you’ll gain a real audience that isn’t just a vanity metric.

What top trend do you hope to see come true?

Top Instagram Trends for 2019

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