Businesses today need to be on social media, that’s where customers are!
But if you’re not familiar and comfortable with technology and social media, you’ve likely been putting off getting your business online. There’s a solution for that… hire a Social Media Manager!

This is where I can help.

I will work with you to develop a social media strategy, and then implement it for you. That way you can benefit from a social media presence, without spending your time on it. Get back to working your business, while taking comfort in the knowledge that your social media accounts are active and growing.

Social Media Training

Social Media Training Sessions
Want to do it yourself? I offer social media training sessions to help you hit the ground running with Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Check out the all the details here – including booking your session now!

Social Media Management

Want someone to do it for you? I offer social media management services that do just that.

Facebook Page Management

Facebook Page Management
Haven’t started a Facebook page for your business? Or have a page that you’ve neglected for months?
Let’s get your presence up and generating clients!

Facebook Page Management includes the following:

  • Posting at least 3 times a week, either your own provided content or curated content geared to your audience.
  • Deleting and blocking spam comments.
  • Responding or passing on inquiries, based on your preference.

Want meme style or quote graphics? I can help you create those.

If you sign up for a minimum 3 month commitment, I’ll help you set up, run, and analyze 1 Facebook ad campaign during that period for no additional charge.

Here are some of my recent successes for clients:

“Sarah knows her stuff. One week of posts and I got 6 new clients.” – Colin C.

“You are doing a great job – did you see your engagement increase on your posts last week? – Thanks!” – Lehann W.

Facebook Fan Success
Facebook Fan Success
Facebook Reach Success
Facebook Reach Success – Facebook Ads can do wonders for your business (client had $40K+ in sales in this period)!

Facebook Ad Management

Facebook ads can be incredibly successful, if you know how to put together a great campaign. We can help with everything from planning, to creating, to targeting, to analyzing afterward.

“Sarah is an incredible marketer. she knows her way around facebook ads and can get results. If you are looking to scale your marketing goals then Sarah is your person. Not only is she diligent in her work but she takes the time to explain each step and truly understand what your marketing goals are. She is very patient and willing to help out anytime.” – Eric Soll, Soulman Marketing

video views stats
Facebook Video Ads – a great way to promote targeted brand awareness at a low cost

local lead gen stats
Lead generation for a geographic-based company with a customer value of $10,000+

Facebook Group Management

Facebook Group Management
Do you run a Facebook group? Need help with administration and engagement?
Groups are a great way to create a community for your topic, but they can quickly feel overwhelming.

Facebook Group Management includes the following:

  • Approving member requests.
  • Posting daily conversation prompts. I can help create graphics to go with your prompts.
  • Engaging with members.
  • Deleting and blocking spam posts/members.
Facebook group growth stats
Growth of a private subscriber-only Facebook group

Instagram Management

Instagram is great for visual companies. Any industry that features pretty pictures can find success and fans on this younger-focused photo platform.

Instagram Management includes the following:

  • Posting at least 3 times a week, either your own provided content or curated content geared to your audience.
  • Hashtag research.
  • Deleting and blocking spam comments.
  • Responding or passing on inquiries, based on your preference.
  • Instagram Success
    Instagram Success – Steady organic growth is always best!


    Training Session
    $99 per person per 2 hr session
    Personalized training
    2 hr - 1 platform
    In person or online
    Discounts avail for 3-4 person groups
    Facebook Page Mgmt
    $299 per month starting
    Establish posting strategy for 1 month
    Post minimum 3 times a week
    Create graphics
    Create/curate content
    Respond/pass on inquiries
    Min 3mth commitment includes Facebook Ad Mgmt
    Facebook Group Mgmt
    $499 per month starting
    Perfect for community builders
    Approve member requests
    Post daily prompts
    Create graphics
    Delete and block spam
    Engage with members
    Custom Package
    Varies based on need
    Choose your platforms
    Choose your posting frequency
    Choose your interaction level

    If you’re looking for more platforms, or more often posting, don’t worry, the above packages are just samples to give you some ideas. I’d love to discuss exactly what you’re looking for and provide a custom proposal!

    Save your spot by contacting me today, or scheduling a 30 min discovery call.

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