Podcast Management Services

Podcasts have become super popular of the last year or so, and everyone wants in on the action. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work needed to run a great podcast. This is where a podcast manager can help anyone get their voice heard.

At the basic level, podcast management is about transforming your raw audio into a finished podcast, ready to broadcast to your audience.

Basic podcast management includes:

  • editing raw audio to remove umms, uhhs, and other vocal pauses
  • adding intro, outros, commercials, music
  • uploading to host of choice

Moving beyond the main audio of your podcast, there are many additional items you can do to enhance the podcast experience, and make it part of your digital presence.

Additional items you could add include:

  • show notes
  • audio graphics
  • social media graphics
  • statistic tracking and reporting

Basic podcast management starts at $250/month for weekly episodes. Contact us if you’d like a custom quote for your podcast.