Instagram Engagement Services

Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform, especially if your brand is visual. But it’s also a platform that requires a lot of attention.

Not only do you have to create and post high-quality content, but the Instagram algorithms favour accounts that engage with their followers and potential followers.

Engagement is as important as content.

So why do most social media agencies, and brand accounts, only focus on content rather than engagement? It’s simple: time.

Engagement takes time.
It requires a lot of time.

And it can’t be faked. Instagram is notoriously against any type of automated engagement, such as likes, comments, or follows. They delete accounts that do this, they delete companies that promote this, and as of November 2018, have started deleting the actual engagement itself.

So what works? Real people doing real engagement.

What we do…

We employ real people to:

  • reply to comments on your photos
  • like and comment on photos your account is tagged in
  • like and comment on photos where your account is tagged in the caption
  • like and comment on photos using specific hashtags

We do not use automation. We do not use bots. We do not use generic robotic sounding comments.

We use real people acting on your behalf to create real comments in order to increase engagement, which in turn, grows your account.

Why does this work?

People want to feel special. People want to be seen. Especially by brands they follow on social media. The average person will freak out and do a happy dance and screenshot a comment they get from a brand and share that image with everyone they know and then increase their tags and comments to that brand in order to repeat the experience. That, in turn, increases their love of the brand, their loyalty to the brand, and it serves as positive reinforcement for social media engagement.

There really is no downside to the brand.

All you have to do is engage with customers and potential customers, and your social media platforms will grow and you will see physical returns in your business.

All it takes is time. And a commitment to do it consistently.

Why Us?

You could do this engagement yourself. But…

With everything else you’re doing for your business and social media, engagement is often the last item on the to-do list.

But when it comes to Instagram, engagement should be given priority.

Partner with us to do your engagement, and you don’t have to adjust your priorities, or your to-do list. All you have to do is decide how your posting strategy will benefit from your increased engagement.

How do we work?

Our engagement services are bundled into monthly retainers based on action:

  • Brand Incoming: daily replying to comments on your photos
  • Brand Outgoing: daily liking and commenting on posts where your account is tagged in the photo or in the caption
  • Hashtag Outgoing: daily liking and commenting on posts using specific hashtags

You can choose whether you want 1 action, or 3, in your monthly retainer. It all depends on the needs of your brand.

Your monthly package will be based on the total amount of time you want to be spent on your account daily:

  • 20 minutes daily (6.5 hours monthly) – $350
  • 1 hour daily (20 hours monthly) – $800
  • 2 hours daily (40 hours monthly) – $1,600
  • 4 hours (80 hours monthly) – $3,000
  • 8 hours (160 hours monthly) – $6,000

All engagement is done between 6 am EST and 6 pm PST (that’s a 15 hr spread to account for time zone differences). All packages include weekly or monthly reporting, and monthly meetings to discuss results.

We view each account as having a brand persona in order to deliver a personal and consistent experience with every comment. We view your brand as a distinct entity with its own voice, and our goal is for every interaction and engagement to fit that personality. We keep detailed records of commonly used phrases and emojis, positive and negative responses, and overall attitude and tone.

All of our team members are trained in social media and customer service. We know that people can – and do – base their entire opinion of a brand on a single interaction with them. It’s important to us that we help cultivate the best reputation for your brand.

We are the invisible hand helping to deliver your brand experience to every customer and potential customer.

Want this for your brand? Contact us today to get started.