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Businesses today need to be on social media, that’s where customers are.
But if you’re not familiar and comfortable with technology and social media, you’ve likely either been putting off getting your business online, or you’re not maximizing the impact you could be having online. There’s a solution for that… hire a Digital Marketing Specialist!

Whether you want just a little help, or you want someone to do it all, we offer packages customized to each client’s needs.

Organic Social Media Management

We handle organic social media management for:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Google My Business

Based on your business goals, page/account management typically includes:

  • Strategy creation.
  • Content creation or curation.
  • Posting based on strategy and best times/days for your audience.
  • Hashtag research.
  • Deleting and blocking spam comments.
  • Responding or passing on inquiries, based on your preference.

Facebook group management is a little more involved since they are a great way to create a community for your topic, but can quickly feel overwhelming. This typically includes:

  • Approving member requests.
  • Posting daily conversation prompts, with or without graphics.
  • Engaging with members.
  • Deleting and blocking spam posts/members.

Packages start at $300/mth, but most clients we work with choose a monthly package totalling $750-1,000.

Paid Advertising

Organic social media is great, but if you want faster results, and better reach, then paid campaigns are the way to go. Facebook Ads are unmatched by any traditional marketing avenue in terms of ROI and reporting details.

Facebook ads can be incredibly successful, if you know how to put together a great campaign. We can help with everything from planning and creating, to targeting and analyzing afterwards.

Packages start at $300 for a one-time campaign or $500/mth for ongoing advertising.


Not entirely sure if you’re ready to turn everything over to an expert? It’s common for smaller businesses to want to stay in control and handle all aspects of their social media, but it can be tricky to know if you’re doing everything right, or if you could get better results with a few changes.

We offer consulting sessions to help you understand where you are, what you’re doing right, and where you should go from here. Whether you need someone to help you craft a strategy, review your posts to make sure you’re message is being delivered, or analyzing your Facebook Ad campaign to get better results, our consulting sessions are 1-2 hours of targeted, actionable conversation that will make a difference in your social media going forward.

Pricing is $99/hr for all consulting sessions.