Anatomy of an eBook - Back Page Material

Back page material, also called end matter, are all the pages that come after the actual content. This is your opportunity to thank readers and entice them to look for other material that you produce. A lot of authors overlook how valuable this section of your book is, but this is a great way to convert readers to your other products.

As a blogger, you’re probably familiar with sales funnels. Think of the back pages of your e-book as a little mini funnel for your reader.

So what items are usually included in the back page material?

Thank You Note

It’s becoming more common to add a quick “thanks for reading” style note right after your content ends. This is a personal touch that gives you an opportunity to connect with your reader while they are still loving you.

Start with a ‘###’ line, which is a known symbol to show the content is finished. Then write your note.



Thank you for reading my book. If you enjoyed it, won’t you please take a moment to leave me a review at your favorite retailer? Thanks! Jane Author

Author Bio

This is the only part of the back page material that is really considered required.

Most authors struggle with what to put in their bio, but as a blogger, you probably already have a great version on your About page. It may require minor tweaking, but this is an easy way to tie your book branding to your blog branding.

Connect with Me

Following your bio, provide ways for your reader to connect with you.

Remember, do not add links or references to other retailers. That means that if you publish at Smashwords through their distribution channels, you can list Smashwords, but not specific retailers like Amazon, Apple, etc. Likewise, if you publish to Amazon, you shouldn’t mention Smashwords, Apple, etc. Referencing competitor sites can result in your book not being accepted by specific retailers.


Follow me on Twitter: [insert your twitter address]
Like me on Facebook: [insert your facebook address]
Subscribe to my blog: [insert blog address]

Samples of Other Material

Similar to how fiction books often give the first few pages or chapter of their next book, it can be beneficial to give your reader a sneak peek at other material they can purchase from you. You already have their attention, and they’ve already finished one product, now is a great time to entice them with something else.

Discover Other Titles

The content would be the same as described in the front page material, but this is an alternative or additional place to put this information.

If you have other e-books already published, you might want to list the titles to encourage readers to search them out. This is particularly helpful if you have a series of e-books.

Sample format:

Discover other titles by NAME:

As you can tell, there is really nothing required in the back page material. Everything is optional and based on what you want to include, but this is a great place to help direct readers to the next product you want them to be interested in.

Anatomy of an eBook - Back Page Material